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Da 4187 example Form: What You Should Know

APD PE v1.00ES. AUTHORITY: PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: DISCLOSURE: Title 5, Section 3012; Title 10, USC, E.O. 9397. PERSONNEL ACTION FORM-2 — OFFICERS (image) The personnel action form is used by members of the Georgia National Guard (or Georgia ANG) to request personnel action. The form should be filled out in the order the member wants the action granted. A copy should be attached to the original. Do not change this as the change may render the action void. DA FORM 4187, JAN 2000. HAS BEEN VERIFIED. APD PE v1.00ES. AUTHORITY: PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: DISCLOSURE: Title 5, Section 3012; Title 10, USC, E.O. 9397. PERSONNEL ACTION FORM — CIVILIAN EMPLOYEES (image) If the request is for a change in performance status, it's important to review the details of the personnel action request carefully and consider the following factors to decide if you are comfortable with this request. The following factors are important to consider when deciding if you are truly interested in change in a situation such as a “Performance Evaluation” or a “Pension Change.” Considerations (1) the status of the service member at the time request; (2) the reason for change; (3) if there is an agreement with the sponsor or service, that the sponsor will be responsible to pay and collect. Review the terms of that agreement to determine if it is a valid, enforceable agreement. If the agreement is not a valid, enforceable agreement, discuss the reason why it is not. (Note: There are several reasons other than pay-related for an agreement to be on the line. Please note that you are not required to submit an agreement for review. If you do so, and make a good faith determination that this agreement is not enforceable, that should be enough. If you do not believe that there is an enforceable agreement, ask your sponsor for a document proving the validity of the agreement and refer to the list. See the discussion in DA FORM 4187-1,  DA FORM 4187, JAN 2000. HAS BEEN VERIFIED. APD PE v1.00ES.

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